BAHATIKA is a sustainable lifestyle brand for future-minded, fashionable and urban people. 

We have the possibility to shape our future and make a difference. With our products, we bring joy and raise awareness. We are convinced that in every moment we have the opportunity to create a change with our brand.

People want to express their personality. We let them do it with BAHATIKA. Environment, passion, and respect are the basis of our work. We handle our earthly resources with care and only work with the highest quality materials that are free of animal content.

Acting responsibly means thinking about the future and the coming generations. Sustainability is not only a word. It is BAHATIKA's inner attitude. 

We are looking for new inspiration, new sustainable materials, and ethical producers all the time. We create, design and produce our products with passion. And the idea of a better world. This is what you feel when you wear BAHATIKA.