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Bahatika collaboration with Street Core Recordings

Bahatika collaboration with Street Core Recordings

In October 2020, we started our collaboration with Street Core Recordings which is owned by Normann to develop a T-shirt line with some of his...
Vegan fashion is entering mainstream?

Vegan fashion is entering mainstream?

A few months ago, LA made history by introducing the first ever vegan fashion week. Directed by Emmanuelle Rienda, the Vegan Fashion Week that took place between the 1st and 4th of February showcases that the ethical fashion movement is here to stay.

Selecting alternative materials and responsible suppliers

The majority of leather products come from developing countries where animal welfare laws and environmental standards are not enforced. It undoubtedly has devastating effects on agriculture animals, and ecological issues have significantly increased such as energy use (electricity, water, gas), water pollutions, land use, mass deforestation, and climate change.  BAHATIKA encourages consumers to be more conscious and to create genuine compassion towards how people, animals, and the environment are affected by fast fashion and irresponsible production processes.
A vegan world with BAHATIKA

How does BAHATIKA connect with a vegan lifestyle?

By using innovative, sustainable and 100% vegan-friendly materials, we at BAHATIKA aspire to revolutionize the vegan footwear scene. Our entire collection of ultra-stylish, ultra-comfortable and sustainable vegan shoes are designed to help you look and feel your best without making a compromise with your ethical lifestyle.

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