About us :


Bahatika arose from the passion for top style, comfort and high quality shoes.

They are produced from ecological friendly and cruelty-free components with respect for people, animals and the environment in small factories that heve made shoes for decades.

Our shoes are produced from finest, genuine faux leather and only natural materials. All animal ingredienst are excluded.

The main idea for us was not to re-invent the shoe itself but to create fashionable shoes according to the strict Vegan principles and our exclusive design.


Made with LOVE


No HUMANS No ANIMALS NO CHILDREN were harmed in the making of our vegan shoes.

The shoes are designed in Vienna and made in Spain.


BAHATIKA means "HAPPINESS" in language of Swahili.

This name has been chosen because I am happy when I can do things which I love - it is the shoe-design itself.

I love wearing beautiful shoes and I would like to share my passion and fascinate the customers with my creative ideas and proposals.



Sheila Jeitler - CEO of